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Terms & Conditions

jiPBX connects businesses and end-users with high-quality communication solutions via Wifi/SIP calls. The website is solely owned and hosted by jiPBX, and all the copyrights and intellectual property rights are protected. Note that when you use the website, you agree to the terms mentioned here. Here are the jiPBX VOIP service terms and conditions.


  1. Device: It refers to the jiPBX-phone provided, along with the adapter, router, and other devices connected.
  2. Documentation: Includes the manual and other documentation that is included in the services or any other page on the website. Users can read and access them.
  3. Services: Include the products and services that the users can enjoy. The services include unified communication services, collaborative services, and more. 
  4. Software: It means you are using the software that is owned and licensed by jiPBX, and it allows the customers to leverage the services it provides. 


1. Content

You can not download, save or modify the content of the website without any written approval from us. You are not permitted to use our content on any of the other servers without prior permission.

2. Copyright

Whether it is graphics, documentation, videos, or any other information on our website, we ensure it is protected by copyright laws and intellectual property rights. You can not upload it to any third-party site or make changes to it.

3. Limitations of Damages and Liabilities

For the general purpose or any other damage, including the profits, loss, or any other consequential damage jiPBX shall not be responsible.

You have decided to choose the website with your interest, and you agree and take responsibility in any manner.

4. Indemnity: You shall indemnify and hold jiPBX not responsible concerning any claim or suit caused out of (a) Your breach of any of the terms of this Agreement, any kind of infringement by you of the copyrights, or other intellectual property rights of any third party. (b) Your use or misuse of our website. You shall not hold us responsible for any kind of damage to your business, services, or clients.